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What Makes us Different?


As CPAs and certified business valuators we feel we have a fiduciary responsibility to not only give you an accurate value, but to also help in ensuring you understand options you have available in your business planning.

Other differentiators include:


Full-service valuation firm

Our focus is valuations, however we have the experience and passion for taking your business to higher levels of success. We also offer:

  • Business brokering

  • CFO services

  • Tax planning

  • Accounting services

  • Board of Director oversight

  • Rebate analysis

  • Turn-around services

  • Minority business setup and reporting

  • Marketing

  • Administration (admin staff, call center, customer portal software, CRM)


Best value broker

We sometimes sell, or assist in the sale, of businesses that we value. Since we do most of the due diligence during our valuation, our brokering fees are low (8-10%), we do not require a minimum amount, and do not have restrictive stipulations that you see with most brokers. We provide full confidentiality of your business through the sale process. We offer your business for sale via nationwide databases. We research and personally contact prospective buyers.


Professional and certified

We use the latest databases and the best technology to perform valuations. Our valuations are certified, which means they can be used in litigation, bank financing, IRS issues, etc. We offer accurate and objective business valuations. Many companies you find on the internet say they are certified, when they are not.


Bank package

When done with your valuation, we provide you a “bank package”. It includes the valuation report and all relevant documentation. You can take this “bank package” to a bank to obtain financing. We help answer any questions the bank has, all free of charge. We can direct you to bank financing.


Rebuilding books

We rebuild your accounting books as needed. This is in addition to providing normalizing adjustments to the financial statements to provide an accurate valuation. Without accurate books, a valuation is not accurate.


Accurate market values

We pay for and use the most accurate sources available for determining the market value of your business. We tap into Census bureau statistics, the most accurate and complete source of business transactions. We can drill down to local market value.


Industry report

We include a 40-page up-to-date industry report in all our valuations. The professional report helps us understand your industry and the risks involved, so we can make accurate calculations of risk and benefits. The report gives you detailed insight into your industry trends. It helps you compare your company to other companies.


Professional reporting

Our valuation report is a 90-page bound book, with an attractive glossy cover. We also provide you an electronic version of the book. See our sample report here: [link to sample report]

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